Automatic Bag-Opening Machine Bo-3 / Bo-S


Energy Efficiency

Our Automatic Bag-Opening Machines optimize the process of opening bags filled with granulated substances, ensuring energy savings and streamlined operations.


The Bo3 model boasts the capability to process up to 400 bags per hour, offering exceptional productivity.

40+ years

MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD. brings over 40 years of expertise in granulated substance technology, ensuring top-tier solutions and innovations.

Our automatic bag-opening system efficiently dispenses granulated substances and is designed to be simple, safe, and maintenance-free.

Our system prevents dust from being discharged outside the facility and, when used in conjunction with a dust collector, achieves a dust-free working environment.

The specially designed vibrating plate ensures that the granulated substances remaining in bags are reduced to nearly zero.

By cutting only the underside of the bag, our system minimizes the risk of foreign matter from the bags mixing with the contents.

Usage Scenes

Product Introduction Video

Automatic Bag-Opening Machines - Bo-3/BO-S.

Power is saved and streamlined in the opening work of paper bags containing granulated substances. Automatic bag-opening system does not only provide a complete range of granulated substances dispensing functions but also achieve simplicity, safety, and maintenance-free design. These are bag-opening system developed by bringing together our all technologies for granulated substances.

Stone Mill Grinder Model - IU-340SA.

The space-saving design allows you to highlight the home-made nature of the flour you grind.
The weight of the upper mill is 30 kilograms, making it very easy to handle.

10inch-ROLLER MILL(Sanitary version).

It is possible to clean up and maintain the unit without disassembling it by removing the front and back covers.
Since it is compatible with our conventional BR type, you can replace it as is. In addition, roll replacement can be performed without splitting the upper and lower frames. A wide variety of products can be produced with this flour mill as the core.


What are some unique features of the Automatic Bag-Opening Machines?

The Bo-3 / Bo-S machines feature unique designs that ensure complete opening of bags containing granulated substances, high processing capabilities, and reduced risk of foreign matter contamination.

Is the MEIJI MACHINE's Automatic Bag-Opening System safe?

Yes. Our system is designed with simplicity and safety in mind, meeting the most stringent safety standards.

What size bags can be processed?

The system can process bags ranging from 25kg to 30kg, suitable for flour, rice, and other granulated substances.

What are typical applications for this system?

Ideal for food processing plants and agricultural processing facilities dealing with large quantities of granulated substances.

Is there a warranty?

Yes. The Bo-3 / Bo-S Automatic Bag-Opening Machines come with a one-year warranty. However, MEIJI MACHINE CO., LTD. provides service support by certified technicians, both within and beyond the warranty period.

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