A milling professional

Top domestic market share for 120years in the milling industry

In 1905, Meiji Machine Co.,Ltd manufactured and built milling plant as a first Japanese
constructor in Japan.

For more than 120 years since our inception in 1899, Meiji Machine’s core business
has been manufacturing and sales of machines used in food industries, including
milling and feed manufacturers, as well as plant engineering, such as construction of
food plants.

A large number of Meiji Machine’s raw material processing equipment is used in not
only milling wheat, buckwheat, rice, etc., but also broadly used in the food industry
such as for soy sauce, beer, etc.

We use its great expertise to support customer needs, such as highly cost-effective plant
operation, high-quality food processing, and worker safety.


As a subsidiary of Meiji Machinery Co., Ltd., Yanagihara Milling Machine Co., Ltd. handles a wide variety of flour milling machines including the roll flour mill, which is our core product, stone-milling flour mills, and related equipment such as mixers, sieves, and decorticating machines. Additionally, Yanagihara designs and constructs facilities to improve productivity and save labor, ranging from small-scale flour milling facilities with only one flour mill to large-scale flour milling plants with over 20 units.

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